A home that is designed better and built better will give you a better life. You're not buying a home, you're buying the promise of a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Designing our homes from the inside out is the difference because it puts the buyer and their family at the centre, not the restrictions of a traditional mindset.

We are passionate about good design and believe that it has the power to enhance lives. It delights on a daily basis. It makes mundane stuff, less so. It brings people together. It helps kids thrive. It reduces stress. It makes living in a Fraser home an absolute pleasure. Now, and for generations to come.

When you let light in, laughter follows.

Ever noticed how everyone is suddenly in a better mood when the sun shines? Light and warmth make us feel happier and optimistic, not just because it’s an excuse to eat ice-cream, but because we associate it with growth, sustenance and safety. The same principles apply inside as well as out. Independent studies show that the brighter a home, the happier the occupants. Light, airy spaces cheer us up. Brightness brightens our mood. That’s why we design our homes with larger windows. They let light flood in, filling the rooms with spirit-lifting luminosity. And because they are all well insulated, they trap more of the sun’s heat once inside. Warmer, happier homes? That’s got to be worth looking into.

Our kitchens don’t just look good, they do good.

Traditional kitchen design focuses on the preparation and creation of great meals. We’re all for a bit of that. But we also understand that more goes on in the kitchen than just cooking. It’s somewhere to hang out, relax, share, laugh and sometimes do a bit of work. So we design our kitchens to be perfect for all of that - social spaces that become a hub for life. A place that naturally brings people together, allowing them to de-stress, enjoy each other’s company and catch up with what really matters in life.

Sometimes the best walls aren’t walls at all.

Constructing big boxes then filling them with smaller cubes is how many builders configure their new homes. We don't, because it creates barriers to better living, makes interiors dark, and is also an incredible waste of space. Our design helps rooms flow into each other - not in an open-plan way, but in an intelligent use of flooring, colour and light. We also incorporate folding, sliding internal 'wall doors' that can be opened to create airy entertaining spaces, or closed right down for cosy comfort when the weather outside does its worst. Walls when you want and need them, space when that’s the order of the day.

Redundant space put to work.

Making the best use of every available inch in our homes is one of our defining traits. Where other builders are happy leaving awkward spaces unused, we’re on a mission to max out their potential. That’s why you’ll find cupboards with clever rotating interiors and walk-in warming closets in virtually all our homes.