Creating better lives, by building better homes.

Build Trust.

We're now in our third generation of family ownership. Longevity like that doesn't just happen, in fact it's rare. What makes it possible is the trust we create and the reputation we build. From the first home our grandfather built to our 5000th, high levels of fit and finish and the best locations have always been our bedrock. We're now adding intelligent, innovative design to further enhance our reputation.

Surprise and delight.

Quite often it's the little things that have the biggest impact in determining our success. Just as cup-holders and Bluetooth connectivity helps to sell cars, simple solutions and life-enhancing design helps to sell homes. It's often what sets us apart and it's always what shows how much we understand the lives our customers want to enjoy. Smart storage, quality appliances, intelligent use of light and spatial flow are just some of things that make a world of difference emotionally. People can imagine how these considerations will make life better. That's what makes the difference. That's what inspires buyer imagination and anticipation.

A happier life, by design.

Great design has the power to enhance lives. We genuinely believe in that idea. More light lifts moods. Higher ceilings create more room to breathe. Ample storage reduces the stress of mess and clutter. Promising a happier life is one of the biggest benefits – if not the biggest - any home builder can promote. Our design-led approach now means we can with credibility.

Designed from the inside out.

We design our homes and developments from the inside out. It puts customers, families and the way they live their lives at the centre of everything we do. First and foremost, we come up with the right solutions for the people buying and living in our homes.